Car cleaning set

For Dirt Devil Bagged & Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Car cleaning set (in a storage case) for all suction tubes with a diameter of 32mm & 35mm. For the in-depth cleaning of cars and homes.

Delivery contents:

  1. Storage case
    Ideal for stowing all components of the Car cleaning set.
  2. 2x Microfibre gloves
    For dusting the interior of your vehicle.
  3. Long flexible crevice nozzle
    For vacuuming areas that are difficult to access.
  4. Exchange tip for the crevice nozzle
    Protecting sensitive surfaces.
  5. Brush tip for the crevice nozzle
    Suitable for vacuuming especially sensitive surfaces.
  6. Mini turbo brush "Fellino" 
    For the in-depth cleaning of upholstery. Highly suited for removing stubborn dirt and pet hair.
  7. Flat nozzle
    Efficient in vacuuming extensive areas, e.g. car mats.
  8. 2x Reducing sleeves
    Reduces the tube diameter from 35mm to 32mm.

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