Fello Care

For Dirt Devil Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

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Fello Care for Infinity VS8, Infinity VS8 Loop, Infinity VS8 Turbo, Infinity VT9.

Animal care kit - with nubs brush, long hairbrush and fine hair brush.

The gentle care for dogs and cats

Proper care for hairy cases – Styling, combing out, massaging, hair drying.

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  1. Fine hair brush
    To comb out loose hair, for smooth fur in particular, that preferably has been dematted with long hair brush beforehand

  2. Curry brush
    For massaging, hairdressing & styling

  3. Long hair brush
    For untangeling matted hair & massaging

  4. Universal hose

  5. Adaptor panel

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Fello Midi animal hair turbo brush for all Rebel models and suction tubes with a diameter of 32mm and 35mm.

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