Floor head

For Dirt Devil Bagless & Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

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Floor head (switchable) with parking hook for Centrixx, Centrixx Magnum, C Power XS, Trophy, Centrino Cleancontrol, Centrino Cleancontrol Red, Centrino Cleancontrol 2, Centrino +, Centrino Cleancontrol R, Centrino Cleancontrol 3.1, Infinity VS8, Infinity VS8 Loop, Infinity VS8 Turbo, Infinity Excell, EQU Turbo, EQU Turbo Silence, M7004, M7005, Cooper, Paroly, Centec, Centric, Infinity V8, Classic, Magnum MPR, Infinity VT8 Extreme, Infinity VT9, EQU Silence MC Fello&Friends, Skuppy, Popster, M7013, M7020, Derby, Rocco, Bagline, Fello&Friend Bag


Compatible with all customary vacuum cleaners Ø = 32 mm

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