Dirt Devil Robot Vacuum

The most powerful and intelligent robot vacuum cleaner by Dirt Devil.

The Dirt Devil Navigator (M608) convinced in the robot vacuums test issued by the magazine "ETM Testmagazin" and received the test award "GOOD" (84,2%).

The robot vacuum cleaner Dirt Devil NAVIGATOR M608 is programmable and can be navigated by the remote control to any place in your home. The NAVIGATOR is able to clean both hard flooring and short-pile carpets and can effortlessly deal with differences in height of up to 1cm. The device is also protected against the dangers posed by larger drops, with its built-in cliff sensors stopping it before it falls down stairs or off higher edges.

For efficient cleaning, the innovative Dirt Devil NAVIGATOR switches the cleaning mode from random pattern, spiral mode, perimeter pattern to snake pattern.   

The user-friendly Light Smart Fence function works like a 'lighthouse' and can be placed by every door inside the home and helps the robotic vacuum cleaner to clean the floor from room to room. The Smart Fence function opens the 'barrier' once it has completed a room to move on to the next room.

With its 80 minutes runtime, the robot vacuum cleaner Dirt Devil NAVIGATOR M608 is a real power pack. When the NAVIGATOR runs out of battery it independently returns to its charging station.