Dirt Devil Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

INFINITY REBEL52HE - Powerful compact energy-saving multicyclonic vacuum cleaner

Versions: DD5550-3, DD5550-8

Power Through - for the cleaning you planned or the mess you didn't see coming.
Cut through any mess with constant powerful suction*. The lightweight and compact INFINITY REBEL52HE comes with Multicyclone technology. A clever solution which leaves only clean air behind. Clean air - centrifugal force seperates dust from the air stream and collects this in the dust bin. Multiple mini cyclones accelerate the air stream to seperate the smallest particles and ensure an even cleaner exhaust emission.


  • Energy-saving high-efficiency motor
  • High and constant suction power*
  • Large capacity1,8 L
  • Compact Design
  • HEPA Media exhaustfilter for clean air
  • Lightweight & easy handling

*Tested according to DIN EN60312/11/2008